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I was just diagnosed today, I know I had it, the symptoms said it all during Christmas holidays, I was just plain sick- feverish, sore throat, cold sweats, and mouth sores and yet I functioned well in the day I had taken cold medication day and night to ease the strains of the symptoms. However, I did not realize that my immune system was working trying to fight off the virus. When the clinics opened after the holidays I asked to be tested and it came back reactive and a second test was ordered for the confirmation and I received it today. I am fine with it now that I know the result and the doctors can treat my symptoms properly. And my family doctor of 15 years had decided that another doctor would start taking care of me and I asked which doctor and they did not know. I have decided that no one else needs to know, Right now I can not deal with the discrimination and deal with my illness at the same time. However, I have set up plans for my medical condition follow-up, and eventually I will have to deal with the emotional side of the illness in due time, in other words joining support group and telling my family and friends. I know life goes on but I have positive plans with the illness I live with now.