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Hey everyone, my name is josh and im 16. Ive known i was gay since the beginning of my life(where my memories started). Im living in the closet and it does suck but i am fortunate that they're brave people who are out and fighting for our rights. Hopefully one day i can join them and protest with them.  My family are homophobic, but i still love them , they are just not exposed and educated on this stuff. I hope that if anyone is reading this i just want to let you know you can win and overcome hate. I go through it and i know it makes you sad, humilated , angry but just remember the more you give your attention to them the more you hurt yourself. If someone says something hateful smile and tell them thank you for making me a stronger person:)  we can all go through this! Hold hands , hug, smile and spread love! Love overcomes all as corny as that sounds its true! My name is joshua and one day i will come out and i am , will be a proud gay human being!