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I was infected at 17 years old by my second boyfriend. After being in that relationship for about 6 months or so this fellow told me that he loved me and that we didnt need to use condoms anymore. The sex was so good that I can still remember it to this day in more than one way.

Looking back nearly 13 years later and still healthy with only a diagnosis of HIV Positive; I see that all of the signs were there had the education from my school, family, or myself been better on sex as well as the diseases it could transmitt; but when I asked him certain questions in reguards to illnesses he was having during our relationship and before my first infection occurred he had an answer for everything that was to me then quite logical.

I was 18 before it was official with an western blot test for hiv which only came after being sick with mono like symptoms, receiving a false positive from American Red Cross, and turning 18 years old. During this time where I had been a Heathier boy i began to loose weight and feel different in both my mind and my body, began lashing out at my self, my parents, friends, partners, and so forth.

Today I know that Early detection and ALL PREVENTION are the keys to stopping the spread of this disease as well as EDUCATION. Take it from me " Wrap it UP"

Jody 29 male