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My initials are J.O and I was born with HIV. For people who were born with it can you remember the first time being told? Not me I feel I was born knowing this. When I was born I was born a very sick child. Lived in an incubator for a week or two and was fed from a tube. I was also adopted and as a child I heard lots of stories about my mother and the family, which I wish I could meet to get more undiscovered answer.

I was told that my mother was a drug addict and while pregnant with me she did these drugs. I was also told that doing drugs was probably the way she got infected and probably infected other including me. I was also told that this is why I was so sick as a baby. My family told me that my biological mother A would call and ask "is she dead yet" and my adopted mother said she would hang up the phone.

Growing up with HIV I didn't understand why me. I also didn't understand why I had to take so much medication at the time. So at on point I stopped taking my medication. I would hide it under plants and things of that sort. My Levels were high, very high and if didn't move with my sister in law and brother I would be very very sick or even possibly dead. I struggle with it because I'm 19 and dating would seem very hard for me because I know one day I would have to tell them and I could possibly not go well.

I don't really except it but I have to live with it. If I could tell something to people of any age who has HIV or even AIDS I’d say; ‘living with HIV/AIDS is the easy part you just can't let it consume you as a person, physically mentally because we're in control, not the virus’.