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Jessica 1

It is August 2nd and just yesterday on the 1st I found out that I was HIV positive.

I havent been able to sleep, eat, I am extremely weak and scared beyond words.

When the nurse called me into the room and told me my resutls, I almost fainted and started to break down.

This is so hard for me and I dont know what to do. Right now I am just waiting for my 2nd results so I have to wait a week.

I am so scared and dont know how long I have had it. Medicine is going to be extremely expensive and dont know what I am going to do if I cant afford it.

Please pray for me.... I just recently lost my grandma and that was the hardest thing that I have ever been through and now I have this to deal with and just dont know what to do... I am so depressed but I know that I have to pick myself up and not let this get the best of me. My family support and are there for me 100% so thank GOD that is not an issue.

AVERT says: We have some useful information for people who have just learned they are HIV positive. This is in our Living with HIV section.