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Jess 1

Im 14. I've known I was a lesbian since I was 11, guys didn't even phase me. I really wanna come out to my family. Ive come out to my friends and they're cool with it. They actually said they were happy that we weren't lying to each other anymore. Even the lady I babysit for for free tutoring knows and she still let's me around her daughter. I thought it would be really hard to tell my friends but they were like, "so. That doesn't change you." and we just went on being friends Like always. The only people who don't know are my family. I have a gay brother and when he came my mom just said "I loved you yesterday. Why wouldn't I love you today? Youre still the same person." but she's told me on countless occasions that if I were to be lesbian or bisexual then she wouldnt be able to deal with me. It really confused me. You will love your gay son for who he is, but you can use the same logic for your lesbian daughter? I haven't told her yet. And it will probably be a long time before I can, considering I want to be able to afford to live by myself in case she kicks me out. I think it's really sad, that while all my friends and people I know can accept me, my mother, of all people, who accepted her gay son, will never accept me. I will come out to her. Eventually.