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Jay 1

My name is Jay and have been staying in australia for 4 years.

My curiosity about my sexual preferences begin when i was 15. I always wanted to have sex with man and at the same I'm attracted to woman. This mixed feeling has been going on for 6 years untill i came to australia and met some gay friends who share their stories and constantly giving me advise..

My mates told me that I'm bisexual, and I accepted it. Most of my mates knew that I'm bi and we are still hanging out now and then.

I have never intended to come out to my parents because they are very conservative nor my siblings because they look up to me and I dont want to dissapoint em, although i know that they will eventually find out.

My last relationship was a year ago. I had relationships with woman at first and man after that. I prefer straight/musculine-acting gay guys and attractive woman with personality. I have always dream of having a normal family with a woman and have kids and all that. But i know i cant unless I'm straight. The thing is I enjoy being bi and I dont see anything wrong as long as im honest to myself and to my partner. I'm not sure if coming out to my  family is necessary anymore, because in the end i'm the one who will decide how to live my life.

There is always someone out there who understand us, so we are not alone. The important thing is just be yourself and stay happy. :D