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Jane 2

Well I'm 14 years of age and so far i have only had 2 sex-ed lessons. I go to an all girls school. And my first sex -ed lesson was when i was in grade 5 and everyone put up a fuss, the parents, and us children, the older grades had told us these frightening stories, and the teachers told us we could leave the lesson at anytimes due to complaints. So naturally everyone left, and we never got in trouble. And all the lesson was about puberty.

My parents had been pretty good. At around age 10, when I started watching M rated stuff, I had a lot of questions and my mum was willing to answer them. At times now when I ask a question she acts shocked about how I know a word or something, but she is still willing to answer.

My second sex-ed lesson was last year in grade 9. And the stuff they covered was basically all the stuff our bodies had been through. They also went into great detail about STD's (STI's) but not many people actually knew what it was, and how you caught them, and the teachers refused to answer any questions about anything else, so everyone sat there confused and then everyone started making stuff up.

Not many people in my grade know stuff about safe sex, and many people have done sexual acts, as if its an everyday act and people should be doing, and if their not, they literally outcast them. And in fact one of my mutual friends is now pregnant, and is being treated for HIV.

I seriously think the schools should be teaching us about sex, and puberty, because some kids are really deprived from this information, and seriously need to be taught.