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Jacob 1

I am a 12 year homosexual living in Canada. I don't know any male gays personally. When I was young and even right now I am not influenced by anything gay. The only thing that boost's my confidence about being gay is surprisingly the show "Glee".

I am in love with my best friend, only problem is he is straight and he comes from a very christian family. I knew I was gay since I was about 8, I had always knew that I didn't like girls and wasn't attracted to them, and I didn't understand why?

I realized I was gay when I got older, because well I would always think about boys during Class and watching movies when there was a scene when a boy would take off his shirt I would like it and want to watch it again but of course couldn't because I was with my family. I have not told anyone in my family, I have only told some of my friends and they completely understand but I have had only one friend that has said I respect you for that a lot of friends didn't believe me. My dad I am pretty sure would rather die then know that his son was gay (Also one of my older sister's is gay), which really makes me feel happy and she hasn't told our dad either. It may not sound hard for me but I can never be myself I can't listen to the music I want to Only when I'm alone (WHICH IS NEVER), I can't wear the clothes I want to, and I think about my life being perfect and me being with the boy I love. One thing I know for a fact is that when I am a teenager (15plus) I am not going to hide who I am, and I am going to break Out of the closet.