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My name is Harrison,am 20.I tested Hiv+ in august 2012 when i wanted to join Nigerian Army,am very healthy and strong,i av passed all the screening exercises both the running of 3.5 km race and i came 7 out of 150 but during the blood medical test the doctor call me out and tell me dat am having Hiv,i was dumbfounded and dead inside of me,through out that week i was unable to sleep and eat,because my parents are negative.When i went to hospital 4 medication,my cd4 is high with 687 and the doctor gave me septrin and told me to come back on December to know my cd4 counts again so dat they will start to treat me.But i thank God for my mum bcos she is the only person that knows what am passing through,for her advices and words of encouragement.My advice is that everybody should purchase his or her own personal hairclipper because am thinking that that is the way i contacted the disease because am still a virgin boy.

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