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I am a man aged 33 and happily living with HIV. i discovered this about 7 years ago when my health started failing me and i started ART after checking my CDF was 221. I was however not courageous enough as i had to stop the drug after i started experiencing strange side effects. Sadly i lost my lovely wife that gave me a lovely son soon after she discovered she was positive. I was devastated but have since picked up the pieces and restarted my ART and now am more heatheir than the healthy and i believe i will live my normal life till i die from natural causes. HIV is indeed not a death sentence as i have seen the health die and leave me.

Since i discovered i was positive, there is something i have always strived to do and God is my witness - NOT to infect any other person. I want to marry a beautiful lady again that has accepted her status and ready to live as normally as i do...