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Looking at this site really helped me. I'm 14 and lost my virginity with my boyfriend last night. we've been dating for 4 months now and last night was our anniversary. I'm not super proud of doing it, but all that matters is that I was with someone that I love and care about and I know we'll last a very long time. I just don't understand why people call it "loosing your virginity", because you actually don't loose anything. I lost alittle bit of self respect, just because I did it so young and early in the relationship. it was sadly also unprotected, which is one oft biggest fears of sex. im not on birth control yet, only because my mom said no and I don't want to get it alone. i kind of new we were going to have sex, because we had talked about it the week before and many other times. we were making out on his couch and itw just happened. I really enjoyed it, and it was really special because he was the right one to do it with and it was the right time. I didn't feel the pain too bad, but it did hurt. I didn't feel the pain too much because just being with him was all that mattered to me. we love eachother very much and i know it may sound ridiculous but I want to spend the rest of my life with him. advice I would give would be to use protection, like a condom of birth control, and make sure that you are with the right person and it's the perfect time for you. it's also great to communicate with your partner before hand and to ask for their outlook on sex beforehand.
overall, I am very glad we had sex and I will be using protection in the future.