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I found out in 2008 that i was HIV positive and i denied, i was in denial for two years then while in tis process ifell inluv with a very handsome and loving men. we started using a condom until he refused to use it anymore. im sorry but i could not tell him my status coz i was scared i would loose him and his ex girlfriend was HIV but still i just could nit tell him. 2011 i felt pregnant yoooo i was so stressed i tested again for the second time and +, i told him , he said "baby if you going to drink pills, where are mine then" i laughed and said i was joking. guilty conscience was really eating me inside. i had a miscarriage because of stress.

April 2012 i fell pregnant again, i went to the clinic, i found a very friendly nurse it told him the reason for my last miscarry and she asked me why i have not been taking my ARVs and i told her i was afraid my boyfriend would ask questions about it because we leave together. She told me to ask my bf to come to the clinic. yooooo stress again but one day i came back from work and i told him we had to talk. We sat down i told him the nurse at the clinic called me and told me i was HIV positive, i started crying, i could see the hurt in his eyes its like he did not believe what he was hearing he cried and said what are going to do now, there i was re-leaved i told him we could still have a negative baby only if i took ARVs coz my cd4 count is less than 350. Hev agreed we went together to the clinic and he tested negative i thought he was going to leave me since Hz not infected. He promised he wont leave me and we are getting married very soon, he has sent his parents to my parents for Lobola negotiants. I am so lucky to have him and i have been very strong to get the support i get from him.

HIV is not a death sentence, take your meds as told and everything will be fine dont wait until its too late. I am four months pregnant and cannot wait to deliver my baby. All we neeed is support not people who will question how and why what happen. this thing is like a car accident coz you will not know when the car will hit u, and ince it has you just have to accept it. I love you all and pray that God will keep you strong and always know that you are not alone.