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Finally free

Im a Lesbian im 20 and I came out today to my parents . I was so scared because I honestly didnt know how they would react... But thankfully they accepted me for who I am. After tears , hugs , laughter and more tears I finally felt free. Ive known I was a lesbian since I was 7 years old . I never had the courage to come out as a teenager for fear of rejection . Finally I realized that Ive got to live my life . I know how hard it is to keep it to yourself . I just want everyone to know that it does get easier. The fear holds you back but you should know that there is NOTHING wrong with being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or transgender!!. Be yourself :) Dont worry about what people may think or say most of the time people will accept you for you but if anyone says something hurtfull remember people are only afraid of something they dont understand . And some people are ignorant or insecure about themselves . Live your life dont let who you are hold you back . And remember you are NOT

By the way when I told my sister her reply was " so what I don't care I love you , you are my sister . I wish you told me earlier!"

 AVERT Says: Coming out is not easy. But like the author of this story, you can feel a great sense of liberation upon doing so. For more information, please see our dedicated LGBT pages.