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Evan 1

Having read some of the stories in here, i decided i shall share one too.

I knew that i am different ever since i grew up. As i turned 15, i was certain that i am gay and started to look at men in a sexual way. I was so uncomfortable with myself. I tried to "like" girls but it didn't work out.

It has always been painful in the the inside for me to keep the secret. I always want to let it out and just be myself, be open to people without having pressure that people expect me to be like certain/average people; in the meantime, i also know that not everyone may like who i am. People are people, we can't expect everyone not to be homophobia.

And i am scared that i will get rejected. As i get to know a few people, i became a little bit comfortable with myself but i am still not "out" yet for the moment, so I still do feel uncomfortable and vulnerable at times for some reasons- family, societies, love life. For now, i really wanna come out to family and friends but i don't have enough strength for that yet, i don't know what i shall do honestly, but i will have to do it.

Wish me luck !!! x