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Erica and A.J

I'm seventeen and I didn't lose my virginity til a little while ago. It was to my boyfriend and this is how it happened. So, we met one time when I was hanging out with some of my friends. He and I clicked immediately and he was, and still is, different than other guys I've dated. The way he hugs me, and later kissed me was, different. For once I didn't feel like he just wanted sex. He is a little bit older than me and more experienced sexually and never pressured me to do anything. He always stopped when I asked him to. We had been dating six months when we hung out. He kissed me all over and asked me to give him my virginity. He tried but it hurt so bad I asked him to stop. He did. I apologized and he told me I had nothing to be sorry about. We kissed and hugged some more. He told me he wanted to make love to me so bad but I wasn't ready.

The day before Valentine's day, I saw him again. He picked me up from school during a break and we went to his house. He took me to his room and kissed and hugged me some more. He started to undress me and I didn't stop him. He pulled the covers over and I got in his bed. He got on top of me and kissed all over me again. When he tried to get inside of me again it hurt but I didn't stop him this time. After a while it didn't hurt anymore, I actually started to enjoy it. I'm so glad I waited for somebody who actually had feelings for me and I for him. We are still together. :)