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Eric 1

Hi my name is Eric and I'm HIV positive I was diagnosed on August 20,2010. I honestly didn't believe it I was laughing smiling etc in disbelief I wad alone when the doctor left the room and left me the piece of paper that stated my diagnosis I stared at it for a long time reading every work twice tears just started rolling down my face and on to the paper and i felt a sickening feeling I've never hurt anyone I've always been bullied I've always been humiliated because I'm gay and i knew who did it I trusted that person and they betrayed me I felt my life ruined no hope no anything all that kept me alive and going was my family my mother specially she never left my side your family will always love you no matter what no friend no partner no one in this life will ever love you more than your mother and that is all i got from my mom. Here it us not a sad story it isn't a story to frightenyou my lifeit's no longer that i found a great man whom till this day respects me and loves me no matter my status you are not alone i am not an advisory our a councilor I'm a human a real one and life weather sick or healthy is not easy life always beats you up with no remorse but to fix it it is not crying and making yourself miserable it is to keep going I'm now accepting of my status i know i have to be healthy i take this as a warning from God to do the right thing i love you all i don't know you but i love you all with all my heart it us only by readingstories like the ones  i found here that really also helped me keep going i live you guys and girls please be healthy please look at life in a positive way don't let your sadness bring you down be happy live happy live life i didn't organize this story in a perfect easy because I iwrote it out of impulse but it is all from my heart I'm Eric I'm HIV positive and I'm happy happier than I've ever been in my life if i died tomorrow i wouldn't worry because i am happy and that is how you should all look on life with positively happy attitude..

AVERT says: Want more information about some of the issues discussed in this story? Check out our dedicated pages on living with HIV and our Help and Advice page for further information and details of organisations who can help