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I lost my virginity to my current boyfriend. We are high school sweethearts, and began dating freshman year of high school. Throughout high school, we never had sex, although we did talk about it, and had intimate encounters. Both of us were virgins, and although we had several opportunities to have sex, we decided we wanted our first time to be a special moment; not just some other back-seat-of-the-car-story. There were times that he felt he was ready, but I didn't feel ready, and vice versa, but finally, there was a moment when both of us knew it was right. I love this moment so much because it was perfect, and it sounds as if it came out of a love novel. It was a rainy summer afternoon in July. We were intimately kissing eachother, and then I looked into his eyes, and I told him I knew the time was right. He felt the same way. He was slow and gentle, making sure that I was comfortable. The moment it happened, we were staring into eachothers eyes, and to my surprise, there was no pain, and no bleeding. This was very different from what my friends told me when they lost their virginty. I knew everything about this moment was right in every way. My boyfriend and I waited for the perfect time, and now we reflect back on our choice and we're very happy about it.

AVERT says: Making choices about sex can be difficult, but it is important to do what you feel comfortable with. Take a look at our Am I Ready for Sex? page for more information.