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Don't be afraid of saying no

I lost my virginity when I was 14, to my ex bf(I know, that's pretty stupid) I always had a thing for him and I thought that if I did that he would love me more. He was the player type and had a lot of girls, he is popular for just wanting sex. I was at his place and we started making out for an hour (I never kissed anyone but him before) then he asked if I was ready and I said yes, I regret it now because I was not ready I just said it to get going I was so scared and nervous which probably made it worse because my body became tense and my muscles tightened up. When he put it in it really pained, it was like a burning stabbing pain. I told him to stop and luckily he he always says we made love halfway. We are still good friends and he didn't change his attitude towards me after, we got closer:). Girls please think about it seriously before you loose your virginity, don't loose it to someone that doesn't care for you. Be sure that you want to loose it, don't be afraid of saying No:)

AVERT says: Making choices about sex is difficult, and sometimes we don’t always make the right decision for ourselves- and that’s OK! But it is important that going forward, we make decisions we are comfortable with. If you feel affected by any of these issues, you may find it useful to look at our Am I Ready for Sex for more information.