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Danny 1

My name is Danny I'm currently 16 years old. I just wanted to say this short story of my first time. My first time I believe was when I was 14. I really liked liked this guy ( almost love) but we hang outed a lot. He was one of my first friends I met at a new school so I didn't know what would happened I was scared! Well he told me all these stories about when he did it so I thought to myself is this guy clean? So I did make him get test just incase something happened. Then he came over after my whole family went out. I was scared like would this hurt what will happen after? The pain was intense like I image my self crying of the pain but it wasn't that bad!( even though I bleed after but not the point)

So I was getting addicted to this so this happened probably a monthly thing but as the days go by i started to notice my bf stood sometimes far away from me. So I ask him" A you cheating on me?" and of course his answer was no. Then that was the biggest mistake I made! The next wk I found him asking so many boys and girls out. I didn't want to break up with him because he was my first love! I kept the basic monthly thing happening and then it finally struck me. He told me right after it's over I just don't feel anything anymore. I began to instantly cry and I was depress. My family knew that I am gay so my mom tried always cheering me up but it didn't work. The sad part of it was everyday at school he hangs out with my group. I couldn't handle no more I decided to leave that group and go wit my friends from another. My friends from the first group seached for me all the time. I couldn't handle seeing his face I cry everytime! I finally got over the break up when I moved back from my current location. I told all my friends i am gay and the whole story of my ex. They cheered me up so much that I forgot bout him.

I don't have lots of boyfriends due to this story I never trust men again not until I find the one that will make me be his main priority. Treat me as I am his world I hope that one day I will find him.

Ps. I hope this has touched many people and helped with any other issues.