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Danielle 1

I was 15 when i lost my virginity, he was my first proper boyfriend and i would of classed him as my first love, but obviously i was wrong.

We were dating for only a few weeks, i used to go round to his house all the time and we used to kiss, that was all but things got a bit hot and heavy as the night went on, i didn't know deep down whether i was ready or not but i went ahead with it anyway.. so as we go into his bed it wasnt long before he put on a condom and i must admit it really really hurt me...after a while i told him to stop as it was hurting me too much.

Days later he told me we should try again but i told him i didnt want to, i want to wait a bit longer till the next time....shortly after i found out he was sleeping with other girls, i actually thought he loved me and would wait for me..clearly not.

I will never understand why boys cheat on girls, if you're not happy with the person your with, why hurt them and destroy their heart?! break up with them before you cause them pain...
I'm 17 now and i've had a relationship since but it didnt last long as similar thing happened although i am much more matured now and know where i stand with boys.. must admit i am very very picky about boys now due to whats happened with me in my past.. i think that is why i am so reserved:)

So to all the girls out there, make so you're ready and feel comfortable before you do anything, never pressure yourself into something you dont wanna do. that was my mistake. Dont feel like cause your friends are doing it, you have to do it. Do it cause YOU want to.x