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Dan 2

hello, my name is dan.

i am 21 years old and a graduating college student . i have this confusing experience when i was just 2nd year high school i meet a friend, he become my best friend. Since high school we often go out for a hiking every week end then suddenly i felt something peculiar the way we treat each other and i just felt-off that i'm in love with him and at the same time i discovered that i'm a gay.

at first i can't accept it because they say being gay is sin and i don't want to go hell.

i did hide my feelings for him for how many years until we reach college we both stay at the same dormitory and same room and everything happen, since there are no others in our room its just me and him i begun sleeping in his arms but he just let me. i even grab his hand and hold it and i did kiss him but still he has no violent reaction with what i'm doing.

is it a sign that he has feeling for me too? i really can't understand him.

i did confess everything to him and he replied "yuck' hehehehe.. i guess he is hiding something.

i guess he can't accept to himself that we're both the same but i understand him that way because both of our parents are strict. and here in our country gays are not totally accepted.