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My name's Dakotah, and I'm bisexual. I'm currently 14 years old, and I have a boyfriend. I have been with girls before, two last year, who were both my best friends at one point. With my first girlfriend, we didn't tell anyone, and it didn't last long. She came over to my house one night and we kissed, a lot. A few days later, though, she broke it off because she didn't like the fact that I wouldn't open up to the rest of the world that we were dating. A few months later, I dated another girl, Kayla. She was amazing. She was, and is, so beautiful. She had the cutest laugh and the prettiest smile. I was sure I was in love. We dated for about a month, and hung out multiple times. When my mother or her grandparents weren't in the room, we would cuddle, and kiss. I absolutely loved the feeling of having her in my arms. We only told our closest friends we were dating, but word got around school, so we admitted to anyone who asked that yes, we were dating, and we held hands while I walked her to class. A teacher informed my mom and one night she asked me about it. I told her I was bi, and she flipped out. She kept telling me, "You're 13! You don't know what you are! You're just going through a stupid phase." But I knew I wasn't. Who is she to tell me who I am? I am sexually attracted to women. I can't help but to enjoy looking at breasts and nice legs and cute butts. Kayla and I eventually broke up though, because we were sick of the ridicule we both received from other people at our school. I am now with an incredible boy who I love very much, but I know who I am, and no one can tell me otherwise.