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I was 15 when i lost my virginity...

I had just recently broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. i went to one of my brothers basketball games. there was this guy there and i had liked him before and he had really liked me (he was 15). we had flirted most of that night and we talked for a week before we started dating. the first time i went over to his house we spent the whole time in his room and laying in his bed. He kept kissing me and he asked me several time if we could have sex, but i told him i wasn't ready and that i was waiting.

Well about 2 weeks into our relationship i finally just gave in (I know, stupid decision right), i wanted to try it i guess and he really did. Well i was home alone and my parents weren't going to be home all day. So his mom drove him to my house so we could hang out. i was really surprised by this.. so we were watching a movie in my room and one thing kinda led to another.

He put a condom on and he put it in me, i wouldn't let him go all the way in at first b/c it hurt, i had my hands on his chest pushing him away so he couldn't go in all the way. well he told me just to let him put it in all the way one time, so i did, it hurt.. it only lasted about 5 min b/c i was in a lot of pain..

We had sex like 3 more times after that and it was a lot easier than the first time but, then he told me one day he loved his ex still, and that he had always loved her... i felt used and like a slut.. I cried for about 2 days bc i had wasted my virginity on him and we had talked about serious stuff too...