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I lost my virginity at the age of 14. My "boyfriend" was 15. During that day, we were texting and joking about having sex. Just incase something did happen, I made sure I was all shaved and cleaned up.. When we were hanging out at his place in the living room, we decided to just do it. We were together for almost 8 months so we thought it was the right time since we "loved" eachother;
He wore a condom and we did it right on his sofa. The whole time I was scared that someone would walk in on us, but also it hurted a lot; I kept telling him it hurted but he kept on going for a good 15 minutes; we were both virgins by the way.. When we finally stopped, I put back on my pants right away and sat away from him. Then I started to talk about all the times he hurt me in the past and I began to cry.. And ever since that he has been different with me. Like he was actually in love. But I didn't care much about the relationship anymore so I cheated on him many times and just finally broke up with him... Now we don't talk at all anymore: we don't even look at eachother. And I regret losing my virginity to him so much! Now, I am currently dating this other boy, and I'm scared that I might let him get it in. Ever since I lost my virginity I overcame the fear of bleeding (btw I didn't bleed) but all I have to say is keep you innocence girls ! Don't lose it til you married ! And if you already did, don't go sleeping around with everyOne