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hi there my name is Charles, im an African guy who came to England in 2008, i found out about my status wen i came to this country as i was supposed to go for all blood tests, i had never b4 had 1 in ma life, to my surprise the results came back positive, i was so worried and confused as me and my girlfriend had just had a beautiful young baby boy in 2007, apparently my girlfriend went for tests wen she was pregnant and the results came negative so i was so shocked, i haven’t told my family for fear of the stigma surrounding HIV in the African people. i have learned to deal and accept my condition im now on meds as my cd4 count was very low, but i refuse to let disease take control of my life, i wanna live my life 2 da fullest and work hard for da better future of ma son coz he is da only thing i dearly love!!! thanx to the UK government for making the HIV meds available i have never been ill although sometimes im so emotional and think why me, but to all those with this disease lets pull together and fight it!!!! we can be what we wanna be with or without it!!!