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I have a story of the most loving brother-in-law. My brother-in-law was 11 when I met him. Silly. Funny. Always had to have the opposite opinion in politics and religion. Still, it is too late to help him. He never let us know how ill he was. He never asked for help. He was severely depressed because he felt he couldn't tell his mom and dad about who he was. I am so angry with his parents for not realizing he needed help. The last time I saw him healthy was in May of '08. He went into the hospital shortly thereafter and died a few months later of Aids-related primary central nervous system lymphoma. His partner couldn't even stay in the room while he was taken off the ventilator and watch him die. I guess some people can't. To this day I miss him more than life itself. I would give anything to go back a few years and tell him every day how much I loved him. My granddaughter even knows him by his picture and says his name. She is one and he won't get the chance to know her. God has him in His arms now and I know that he is happy. I want people to know that AIDS can touch any family at any time. Please don't shut them out of your life. You will miss them painfully one day. He was 34 and 1/2 when he died. Your only brother is lost without you. Your niece and nephew have a hole in their hearts. And, your sister-in-law loves you and misses you. I know that you can walk now. I know that you have no more pain. I will see you again.