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Carlos 1

I hope my story will catch the eye of at least one young person and make them think twice about having sex. My first sexual encounter was February 2010. I was 19 and frustrated. Everyone around me was getting laid and had been for years, or so they said, and I wanted in on action. Before this there had been a few time since i was about 13 that girls had come onto me in a sexual way, but I was always to scared and lacked confidence to go about it.

So I met this girl through my cousin and we hung out a few times, made out the second time we were together and the third time we hung out "it" happened. I've always pictured my first time being with someone I was in love with and possibly even marrying and I screwed it all up for this. At the time my hormones were raging, I was angry at an ex-girlfriend, frustrated with work school and just simply on a manic episode and I let my feelings control my behavior. But anyways, the third time me and this chick hung out we ended up having sex. To be honest I was nervous and I think her being drunk really helped me out, just hoping she wouldn't notice If i sucked. It all seemed good at the moment, but man how I regret every moment of it. First off I hardly new the girl, she was drunk, the condom broke, I was terrified for a few days that I could have possibly gotten this chick pregnant, until she reassured me that she was on birth control (for some odd reason). Stupid me yet again fooled around with her one more time before cutting her off. All that because I wanted to lose my virginity, so not worth it. I wish I could take it back and share that time with someone that I truly cared about.