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Candy: My sister is living with HIV

Hi, my name is Candy. I am not HIV positive, but my older sister is. She's only 27 years old and without a family. Every day I prey for her. I prey for God to give her strength and courage to deal with this illness... She is always depressed and always in pain and it hurts me sometimes knowing that I cannot help her. I try keeping a positive mind for my sister and I often read these stories and send them to her. These stories are very motivating and I hope one day she'll see that its not the end of the world just because you are HIV positive, but a new beginning! I love her very much and I will be there for her through it all. Life is what you make it and I intent to make hers very happy!

AVERT says: People living with HIV may experience a range of emotions, including shock or anger at being diagnosed, fear over how everything will progress, fear of isolation by family and friends, and worries about infecting others. By bearing such a heavy emotional burden it is not surprising that depression is common in people living with HIV. It is important to know however that HIV can be managed, and it doesn't have to define them. With the right treatment, people living with HIV can live long and healthy lives, and with the right support, all those affected can learn to manage the emotional impact that an HIV diagnosis has. For further information, have a look at our pages on Living with HIV.