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Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months. We love each other more than anything. I am 14 and he's 15. On our 6th month, we began to fool around in his bed. We started just by making out. I took his shirt off, and then he took mine off. He started kissing me in a way that made me wana get it over with, and have sex. because i loved him. But we both decided before that neither of us had any intentions to have sex until we've been together a year or so.

After an hour or so, we were both naked and i was laying on top of him, moving slowly up and down his body, we were kissing passionately when i felt him enter me. Neither of us meant for it to happen, but we allowed it to anyway. I began to get a little rough and go faster and faster on top of him but I pulled him out of me when i realized he wasn’t even wearing a condom!

For my first time, I really regret what I allowed to happen. We weren’t protected after allllll the times we've talked about how contraceptives were a MUST . I felt so used by the person i loved and I actually cried because I regretted what happened. But I realize that he didn't use me, it was an accident. If anyone's, it was mine for moving up on him with my naked body.

Nothing about it was special. He didn't tell me that he loved me, and the whole time I was thinking what a mistake it was, when I should've been thinking about how much i loved him.

My advice is to wait....... even with the person you might think you love more than anything.