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I am a 15 year old bisexual, and my entire life I thought I was completely straight. I liked boys, and I love to have the doting boyfriend and what not, and never thought of girls in any other way besides as friends, but as I spent more time just trying to fit in, something didn't feel quite right. I tried to be like other girls, to like only boys and dated a few, and the relationships were great, but there was a new girl who transferred into my school 2 years ago and as we became good friends, I found that I had a crush on her. A year after she transferred, a mutual friend threw a slumber party and afterwords, my friend (the transfer student) wanted to spend some time together so we went to the mall and did some shopping. When we decided to leave, she asked my mom if I could spend the night and my mom agreed. We stayed up late sharing secrets and the like and as we were getting ready to go to sleep she told me that she had a little crush on me and asked how I saw her. Although I'd been denying it to myself for the year beforehand, I got over my shyness and told her the truth and we started dating shortly after that. We keep it a secret from our parents who are extremely homophobic but after telling one friend and gaining a favorable reaction, we told the rest of our friends and they were more than happy to support us. We've both come to terms with our sexuality and have a philosophy that a person's gender doesn't matter when you like them, as long as they make you happy and the relationship is a healthy one, it's not right or wrong.