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Brittany 1

I was diagnosed with HIV in February 2010, right after a follow up i had for a miscarriage in January. me and my mother was heartbroken. I had to tell my childs father because i had cheated on him and i wasnt right for me not to tell him. He didnt care he loved me and my HIV status didnt define me. He had been getting tested every month and he continually came out negative. The man i contracted it from i assume didnt know but i never talked to him after i was pregnant. I started HIV medications in June 2010 and have been taking them up til now. When i went to the doctor in October they told me that my HIV was undetectable. which was a major relief to me and my mother. She is so silly cause she thought i was goin to die and both my children would lose me. Now I am in perfect health and waiting on a cure.