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Hi, I'm Benny and I'm gay. But that's not just who I am. I am also happy and sometimes sad; comical and sometimes bland; outgoing and sometimes reserved, but in the end I'm still Benny. If I don't have to come out about being happy or sad, then why do I have to come out and say, "I'm gay"? Most of the time people can tell when I'm in either a happy or sad mood so why do I have to tell them myself? The same thing happened for me being gay. Most people could already tell I was gay, so my "coming out" was not so much of a surprise after all. This is just a personal occurance though. For some people there may not even be signs hinting at someone being gay. Regardless of how outward you are about being gay, it is not your right to have to tell people you are gay. If you do feel the urge to tell them though, you could go right ahead.
Personally, for me, being gay and holding it inside myself started to eat away at my family life. I would constantly yell at my parents for multiple reasons, secretly because my anger of no one knowing was eating away at my insides. If holding back and not telling anyone results in a situation like this, I would tell someone. This could help get your emotions out. I know it's difficult, but it could possibly be the best way to handle it.
This was six months ago for me. Today though, all my friends know and most of my family knows: my parents and my sister, not my two brothers! But anyways, life has been so loving and everyone has responded to kowing about my sexuality with such joy. I truly am a happier person knowing my secret is no longer a secret, but just my life.
I hope once you finish reading this you understand that your sexuality is just a little part of your huge life. Sexuality, along with all the other aspects of your life and self make up you. If people ask about your sexuality and you feel comfortable telling them, that's amazing! But if you still feel like you're not ready for the world to know, time will be on your side, there's no need to rush! Just know you are loved. You are set on this earth to do great things and your sexuality is only a miniscule part of your total package.