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Bee 1

Ask almost anyone about their first time, they'll tell you they werent ready, or to wait untill you were in love, or the all too common 'I regret it now'.

I was 18, it was with a friend I had been growing increasingly close with over the past year. We were very open with each other, we could and still do talk about anything whether it be about sex, relationships, or just life. The biggest issue for my friends to wrap their heads around was that he was 21, it's only a 2 1/2 year gap between us, but to them it was a lot.

It started off innocently with just mild flirty texts, and the odd 'look around to make sure no one just read that over your shoulder text'
just started incresaing from there, over about a 2 month span we had become closer then we had in the past year we'd known eachother. He knew from the beginning I was a virgin, and I knew he wasn't. We were open and confortable enough with eachother to discuss it, we had discussed the fact that I wasn't on the pill, so there would have to be condoms involved. I was not about to take the risk of an unwanted pregnancy at 18, while I was in my first year of university.

He also lived in a different city so we had to jump on the opportunity when I was on a break week, and went to his city to visit another friend, I left her for the day and we went for a drive through the country side, and eventually made it back to his house. It took no time before we were both undressed and in his bed, because we had previously discussed our situation, we were prepared for some blood, and had condoms on hand. Lots of people try to tell you about how much it hurts, and how much blood there will be. It is different for everyone, I guess i was one of the luckier ones, because it hurt less then regular period cramps, but I was also ready, and relaxed. We did run into a bit of a snag when we thought he might be 'too big', so we slowed down, made out some more, and yes we had to get the lube out, but in the end everything worked out.

We were both open and ready for it to happen between us, there wasn't a single awkward moment the entire day, afterwards we hung out for another 2 hours before he dropped me back off at my friends place. Although he and I are not dating, I can say that I have no regrets.

Please dont feel like hiding the fact that you're a virgin is a good thing, be open about it, and it will make eberything alot easier.