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Hi, it's me B again. Its been a few months now, almost 6 months since i found out that i am hiv positive. Its been a few hard months. Going through all of the emotions, not knowing. I think that is the scariest  part for  me. Well a lot has happened.I have not told my family ye, i do not think i can bring myself to that as yet. Me and my ex bf broke up, the guy tHAT i got it from. found out that he was still fooling around with other girls. But i dont care, i met anamazing guy, he is not hiv positive. I told him, he  knows.He has been very supportive if it hasnt been for him, i dont know if ill even be able to type this message today. But i am, so i believe God has bigger plans for me, than i had for myself. My new bf is amazing. Sometimes i get scared, that i might infect him. If that ever happens i dont know if ill be able to live with myself. He has been my strenght on this earth. At times i find myself getting mad at myself. For the fact that i didnt save myself for a man like him. He is everything. They  say you should see Gods eyes in his, and i do. before him i thought i will never be happy again. I still cry,  mostly because i am scared. But his love makes me strong.