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Im Ashlyn and I'm 16 and im a lesbain.

When I was 14 i started realizing that i liked girls, I tried to talk myself out of it for the past two years. I thought if i dated enough guys or found a guy good enough it would change who i am because my family is very religious and I am scared they will shut me out if they knew. I have a best friend but its hard to trust her. I met this amazing, beautiful girl at a party but she didnt really know anyone I knew and we started dating. We have been dating for three months and I really hate not telling anyone. I dont know how to tell my family and i dont want to get kicked out of my house and I want to tell some of my friends but I still have two years of high school and I dont know if i can go from social butterfly to "that lesbain girl". Im in a tough place and im scared if I dont tell someone soon I will loose her and Im scared if I do I will loose everyone else. I know one girl came out last year and people gave her such a hard time she changed schools.