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Ashley Mae

I always told my self that I either wanted to wait till I was married or had been in a long committed relationship before I had sex. I've only had two boyfriends in my life, one of them lasted 2 weeks and the other that I am currently still in has only been 35 days. I had never done anything further then making out and knew I wouldn't go any further till later in the relationship, but I guess I changed my mind.

He's always making me feel good about myself, I trust him completely so I thought I would return the favor. We always go partying/drinking on weekends and we went to a pitt (out door) party and I decided the night before I wanted to pleasure him for once. After a while of drinking him and I went to his truck, we started making out pretty hardcore then we went into the back seat and continued to makeout. Our hands got a little adventurous and I realised he had a boner. I was his 4th girlfriend (where as he would be my first official boyfriend) so I was a little nervous about what I wanted to do and how to go about doing it. I told him to sit back and relaxe so I could please him and I performed oral. I felt better when he confessed that none of his ex's had done that for him. We started getting a little hot and steamy until his brother knocked on the window saying that It was time to go..I went to his house.

We continued what we were doing in the guest bedroom downstairs until I brought up the courage and gathered my thoughts and asked him "Do you want to be my first". He stopped everything and looked at me asking if it's what I wanted. We continued and I asked him if he had a condom, once again he completely stop and said No. Apparently his ex girlfriend was the one to supply everything, so we scattered around the house looking for a condom.. so such luck. He hugged me and said if I was okay with it he would just control himself and pull out. I wasn't so sure about it but like I said, I trust(ed) him 100%.

As it was happening it hurt pains would shoot up into my stomach and between my legs. He would stop and ask if I was okay, he was sincerely worried about me, he wiped the tears from my eyes. I was happy but before either of us could "finish" he stopped because he had a cramp. We cuddled but I was a little upset at how much it hurt and that I gave into temptation after 35 days. I could still feel the pain and the next day I was sore, It hurt to sit up straight and to cross my legs, I later looked at the bed and I saw there was some blood on the sheet and on my underwear (I knew it wasn't my period cause I got it the week before).. So, It explained why it hurt so much..I was/am too embarrassed to tell my boyfriend though..