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Ashley 1

I was 14 when i lost my virginity..Im almost 16 now. I wish i could go back in time and take it back, wait a lot longer then i did. My advice, wait till your completely ready, not just because your friends have done it and you haven't. Here is my story..

I was with my best friend Maria and we decided to hang out with our friend Nick, my on and off boyfriend for almost 2 years. He always told me he loved me. I believed it. The last few months before we did it, he was always asking if i was ready, and i kept saying no i'm not. Finally, that night when he asked me, i said yes. I just wanted to get it over with. So we went into the neighbors backyard. He wouldn't use a condom, and i kept telling him to, but he wouldn't. It took him awhile to get it in, but he did. I told him it was hurting me, but he wouldn't stop. Once he finished, he got up, got dressed and left. And never talked to me again.

Still to this day he has never talked to me again, all the time when he was saying i love you, it was a lie. All he wanted was in my pants. Girls, make sure a guy truly loves you before you have sex with him. Wait till your completely ready. Its not worth the pain and suffering you go through if he just uses you and leaves you there like you never mattered. For 8 months i was in pain, i should have waited. But i didn't. I regret it more then anything. I ended up pregnant, i know i was. I missed my period and that never happens. I took a pregnancy test and i was, but i lost it. That hurt a lot too. Wait till your 100% ready. Never let a guy talk you into something your not ready for.

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