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Ashley 2

Decmber 3 2008 was a day that changed mine and my little sisters lives forever. December 3 was the day our father passed away from AIDS. He was only forty-seven years old, and he loved me and my sister very much. When we were kids me and my sister remember how much dad loved to work, whether it was out in the yard or whether it was his job. He always tried to be the tough guy but considering me and my sister were both taller then our father no one really took him serious. He was a brain. The samartest person you could ever meet, just by having a conservation with him. He had a big heart, he didnt like people seeeing it that much but me and my sister seen in everyday. I guess you could say was a dork, he used to have huge glasses that he would duke tape in the middle when they broke. The best part of all he was our father. Everyday feels like a battle cause this person that I describe is no longer with us, and thats a callenge we face everyday. Holding his hand as he took his last breathe I begged for more time with him, and I kept asking why him over and over. And then he went. AIDS is something that effects people everyday whether you have it or you know someone with it, but what I wish I could change that I didnt realize at the time is I would have told my father that no matter what I'm here for you. I miss you dad and I know your looking down on me and Brittany. Everything we do we do for you dad. Always and Forever. RIP DAD 12-3-2008.