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Anonymous 10

okay  I'm 15 and when i was about 12 years old and younger i thought i have always thought that i liked them but since i turned 13 i started to actually think that girls were cute s i thought there was something wrong with me because my parents always told me that they want me to like guys and not girls but i am getting tired of guy's they broke my heart to many times that's when i decided to be lesbian  but i still never  told my parents r friends because I'm scared what they will think of me... :( and i want to feel normal around the world not have people avoiding me just because I'm lesbian it's just not right in my point of view... so i am trying to figure out when to actually tell my friends and parents i might when i move out.... I hate that there are no gay or lesbian people in my school there use to be until they gt made fun of to much  so that's why I'm to scared to tell everyone i want to figure this out soon before my parents find out the hard way and even though I'm proud to be lesbian other people would not understand that.... :(

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