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Anon 4

I was reading some of these and I noticed only a few were from a guys perspective.

My story doesn't end in losing virginity but it does have things in there that might be useful about sex and body image,but all the same.

Me and my girlfriend got together when we were both 14, and we had been together for nearly a year when we decided to have sex. It wasn't a romantic discussion or anything, it was just the fact that she was cold and i said I will keep you warm and she said it works better if you're naked, you know, survival 101. One thing led to another and after about half an hour of making out later, we were both naked and I had a condom on. We had done stuff before this point and had no problems, but she was about 15 kilos underweight and I was about 10 kilos underweight. We were both virgins and I went to slide into her, but due to her weight, she was too tight (I find that comment vulgar, but it's the truth) and it caused us both a significant amount of pain.

We stopped then and there, knowing neither of us would get any pleasure out of it and decided to wait a while. Now,this was about 6 months ago and I look back now and I am grateful that we didn't go all the way, we simply weren't ready.

My tips, make sure you're ready, emotionally and physically and always wear protection.