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Anon 7

Okay so I've been private (Catholic) schooled all my life, and I'm 16. From the age of 2. My school no longer shows "the video" about sex ed. to the kids. In grade 5 they decided that they were no longer going to show it to us. The parents from my school also tend to be much more reserved in talking about sex with their children. Most of my friends didn't even know about their periods. They knew even less about sex. Only what we discussed in religion class: "Don't have sex. It's against the Catholic faith before you're married." That's all the teachers ever told us. The only other time it was mentioned was out of our science text book, and even that was only on how a baby forms. They teach us nothing, our parents don't tell us. They tell us, "Don't get pregnant girls." But when you're 11 and someone tells you that, thinking back it's like, "How do you not get pregnant?" Because if you don't know what not to do until after you do it, it's useless. So this is just me supporting the idea that schools need to bump up the amount of sex ed. they give their kids.