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Anon 12

I’m not going to tell you my name. I hope that is ok but I will share with you my story.

I’m twenty years old but I’m not really sure who I am anymore. I wish I could tell you. But the girl I used to be was very different to the one I am now.

On new years eve last year my drink was spiked. I was raped and bashed by two men. They left me with five broken ribs, bruises, burns, cuts and THE worst memories that I will never be able to forget. They ruined me.

Three months later, I tested HIV positive.

It is now September and after what happened on new years and being diagnosed I struggled with some serious depression. I tried to kill myself twice but I thankfully failed.

So now here I am. HIV positive after my rape but
I am here and I am doing ok.

I’m not so sure I will ever be who I wanted to be but I will be who I will be and what has happened has happened.

For those struggling, hold onto hope. says: Support is available for people recently diagnosed with HIV. Ask your doctor about HIV support groups in your area. If you have been a victim of rape and wish to discuss this with someone, then please do access a free and confidential helpline. To help you find someone to talk to it is best to use a search engine such as ‘Google’ or ‘Yahoo’ and type the relevant words into the search bar. Typing “rape” or “abuse” along with “support” or “help lines” and the place in which you live should produce results. If you haven’t got access to the internet then you should speak to the police or someone you trust such as a doctor or, if you are still in school, a teacher or adult you trust.