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Anon 11

I have been HIV pos for 5yrs now and it has not been easy but im making it though prayer and GOD.

When i found out i was so angry at myself how could i have did this to myself and my wife and family.

I didn't know how i was going to tell her this but i know i have to,the first thing came to mind she's going to leave but i know i had to do the right thing and tell her so i did.

She look at me and burst into tears and I told her everthing, that i was having sex uprotected at sex parties and that i thought that i was fine and could get anybody do anything and STDs and HIV couldn't touch me.

The one thing that keep me was my wife unconditional love for she didn't left me, it wasn't easy but she still with me and i love her for that.

I hope my story help someone when you have sex with people you don't know anything about think twice cause your life you save will be your self put on a condom