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Anon 10

I just found out that I am HIV positive. only three days since. The thing is I am not sick or I am not anything just did the test for safety and found out I was in fact HIV Positive.

My boyfriend has thus left me says he cant deal with it, which I can understand. He does not need to complicate his life over me.

I have not found out my CD4 level as yet so I am not sure if I have to take any ARVS and how much. My blood was sent to the Lab for a comprehensive report.

I have only told four people inclusive of the guy I was with. I have not told my family. Dont think I can deal with the " I told you so" lecture.

I am trying to stay strong as I know that there are people who have lived a long time with it Pray God I am one.

Thank you women for your contribution it has given me hope.