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Anon 14

I am 17 years old since November 2009. My school didnt provide me with any type of sex ed from K - 10th. My parents had me calling the vaginia a "what's it" until i was 14 and a boy who i was with told me that isnt what its called.

I think its pathetic schools don't provide the common sense, at least, that many children are lacking.

At 15 years old I got pregnant I now have a ten month old daughter who I love more than anything in this world. She is not a mistake nor a regret, she is my world. I no longer go out, I do not get free time, I dont relax, and I am definatly not healthy from all this stress. I recieved my drivers license about a year ago now, I am not like every other teenager cruising around doing what ever they want enjoying the freedom, I drive to daycare, school, work, and home. I don't waste anytime or have spare time since my life is dedicated to her. I work 2 jobs 5 or 6 days a week trying to support us.

Her father is involved, but also has 2 other children (we went to the same high school he graduated 2 years before me and also was not educated on sex). We are together and he works as much as possiable. Yet still it is hard to live off of hardly anything. We do not live off welfare or collect any type of money from others taxs. It was our decision to have this baby we will provide for her.

She has everything she needs, diapers, formula, toys, babyfood, lots of clothes, nice things a beautiful crib, but we as parents gave up all the things we wanted and some things that we needed so she could have what ever child deserves. and i am not looking for a medle most parents give up many things for their children. All I am trying to get across is babies are dependent on you. You are no longer a child if you need to raise one. I love my life, but I gave my childhood so my daughter could be raised correctly. If I had one wish it would be for my school to have properly educated me and all my classmates about sex, and contraceptives.