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Amy 1

Hi my names Amy and I'm bisexual. I am currently in a relationship with a boy but I'm more attractive to girls (I always have been).

There's this girl and she's everything but I'm scared because she's lesbian and fully out to the world and well I'm not, I'm scared of telling my parents and siblings, I'm scared of school if anyone found out there it would spread like wild fire and I'm scared of being out in the world, holding a girls hand, kissing a girl, just being involved in a girl in public scares me so much; there are bad people in the world and some don't take to kindly to lesbians and gay people.

I don't think my parents would take kindly to me if I came out bisexual, my sister would be fine with it I know that but I think she'd still joke about it. My family think it's too soon in my life to be making choices like this but I can't help it, I am who I am and they can't and will knot change me!

When I think of being with girls it makes me feel all...well you know, sexual. But when I think of being with a boy (e.g my boyfriend) I don't know I do feel sexual just it doesn't give off that spark that full pleasure feeling. I have had sex with a girl but sadly that was a mistake although it was full pleasure.

Maybe it's true that you can 'only like one or the other'.

Thanks for reading I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me knowing I'm not the only one out there.