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Amanda 1

My first time was when I was 15, and it was 2 days before my and my first serious boyfriend's 6 months. My boyfriend (Dylan) at the time we're completely head over heels for each other, we had talked about raising a family and basically spending the rest of our lives together.

Well, the night it happened we were in his bedroom, just watching television. We had discussed whether or not we wanted to have sex beforehand, so we had condoms in case things went to far. While we were watching television, he tapped my shoulder and told me that he was in love with me. He then kissed me and things got more intimate and we had sex.

It didn't hurt like I was expecting it too, it was actually quite pleasant. The night ended well and we stayed together for about 6 more months.

We parted ways 2 weeks before our anniversary. It was heartbreaking for both of us, but we both knew that neither one of us seemed happy in the relationship anymore, so it was for the best.
We are both still amazing friends, like we were for 3 years beforehand. I can honestly say, I don't regret it. I was a teenager in love, and I still love Dylan, I'm just happy I lost my virginity to a guy that I can always trust, will always be there for me, and someone who I love, even though we aren't together.

My advice; there is no set time, age, place, or anything when you'll be ready to lose your virginity. When it's time, you'll know because you know won't have any regret with it.