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Alive and Kicking

I am a 37 year old, separated ,single mom . Been with the same man that infected since I was 19 , been infected since my son was a baby. He is a healthy boy no matter mistakes I have made Ptl that God protected him. I remember going to get pray for my son .. Crying telling the Lord it does't  matter about me. He is now 15 way taller then me. I really thought this was a death sentence but, it is not I am undectable and my Cd4 is around 850 .  I think I stayed  with my hubby out of fear I wld never find anyone else that wld love me. He has addictive issues that he has never really let go. I grew up. Sometimes it feels Iike I don't have it, and I'm just normal. I have a lot of fear that a man will [not] look past this, see the other qualities I have to offer. I am finally divorcing my husband because I  am tried of having big bombs go off in my front yard. He never stays sober to long. So I am venting my fear. ALso letting you all know that have been recently diagnosed-  there is Hope, there is life after ... It will get better!!  There s do much t e thankful enjoy he journey ..l take areif yourself ! God bless u :)

AVERT says: Want more information about some of the issues discussed in this story? Check out our dedicated pages on living with HIV and preventing mother-to-child transmission