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Alex 1

Hey my names Alex, 16, currently A Lesbian, and my family knows my secret.

Growing up I didn't really care what other people thought and I didn't really know who I liked until I turned 14 that's when I considered liking girls so far any relationship I've been in with a guy usually ended pretty quickly and what's sad I wasn't sad or heartbroken when they ended, but when I fell for one of my closest friends I tried to hold it in trying to convince myself that could never happen and we wouldve broken our friend ship. So I holded it in for a few months till I finally broke and told her how a felt but it turned out to be how I imagined she didn't feel the same way and I couldn't be around her without crying.. i havnt come out in school at all I'm too scared how people would treat me and I would lose all of my friends... I've yet to wonder if I'll ever find a girl I could fall in so much in love with like the love stories u heard when u were a child.